Sunday, January 1, 2012

Club Baked -Devils Food Cake w/Angel Frosting

This week's baking was hosted by me!

I was on maternity leave when I initially joined this baking club and I thought I was going to have all this free time to bake and cook. Well....I went back to work in August and there holds the problem. Juggling a full-time career and coming home to an addition in the house has basically meant there is very little free time to do much (sleep included).

However...I did promise Karen that I would bake at this for the beginning of 2012! So here I am baking Devil's Food Cake with Angel Frosting. I did not have a candy thermometer (something I should really consider buying one of these days) so I decided to skip the angel frosting and just use confectioner's sugar.
I did an 8 inch one layer cake as well as these bite sized cupcakes. I must admit that the bite sized cupcakes are a lot easier to eat that I find myself popping more into my mouth than I really want to devour given all the caffeine that is in this recipe.
We do not have a coffee maker at our house nor do we have instant coffee, however, the husband occasionally drinks French-pressed coffee so I ended up having to make coffee that old-fashioned way using Vietnamese coffee. Anyone who knows Vietnamese coffee will know how strong it is...I've had about three of these cupcake bites. Gosh...I hope I can sleep tonight!

Verdict: The husband and I like devil's food cake. The cake was moist and not super sweet. I almost forgot the brown sugar and ended up adding it to the recipe all the way at the end! I did not use angel frosting so I cannot comment but I found confectioner's sugar to work wonderfully with the cake. I would make this recipe again and opt for all cupcakes rather than the 8 inch cake pan.