Sunday, January 1, 2012

Club Baked -Devils Food Cake w/Angel Frosting

This week's baking was hosted by me!

I was on maternity leave when I initially joined this baking club and I thought I was going to have all this free time to bake and cook. Well....I went back to work in August and there holds the problem. Juggling a full-time career and coming home to an addition in the house has basically meant there is very little free time to do much (sleep included).

However...I did promise Karen that I would bake at this for the beginning of 2012! So here I am baking Devil's Food Cake with Angel Frosting. I did not have a candy thermometer (something I should really consider buying one of these days) so I decided to skip the angel frosting and just use confectioner's sugar.
I did an 8 inch one layer cake as well as these bite sized cupcakes. I must admit that the bite sized cupcakes are a lot easier to eat that I find myself popping more into my mouth than I really want to devour given all the caffeine that is in this recipe.
We do not have a coffee maker at our house nor do we have instant coffee, however, the husband occasionally drinks French-pressed coffee so I ended up having to make coffee that old-fashioned way using Vietnamese coffee. Anyone who knows Vietnamese coffee will know how strong it is...I've had about three of these cupcake bites. Gosh...I hope I can sleep tonight!

Verdict: The husband and I like devil's food cake. The cake was moist and not super sweet. I almost forgot the brown sugar and ended up adding it to the recipe all the way at the end! I did not use angel frosting so I cannot comment but I found confectioner's sugar to work wonderfully with the cake. I would make this recipe again and opt for all cupcakes rather than the 8 inch cake pan.


  1. Thanks for hosting this week! I thought this was a great recipe to start off the new year. I like the powdered sugar look on your cupcakes. I also went with cupcakes and really like having bite size treats. The angel frosting was my favorite part and I will definitely be making it again.

    Do you think you will have an opportunity to include the recipe in your post?

    Happy New Year!

  2. Your cupcakes look very pretty with the powdered sugar. We loved the recipe you chose!

  3. Sorry I couldn't bake along with you. Everyone's cakes look so good. Good idea to dust with sugar

  4. Thanks for hosting this week! I love the idea of powdered sugar and mini cupcakes. YUM! Happy New Year!!!

  5. Love devils food cake and the frosting looks amazing. Pat