Saturday, July 16, 2011

Club Baked - Farm Stand Buttermilk Donuts (Three Ways)

This week's baking was hosted by Gloria, The Ginger Snap Girl.

I haven't baked in awhile given all the events that have taken place in my life over the past few months. We welcomed our baby boy in May and life as we know it now, is no longer the same. The day just seems to fly by taking care of a little munchkin. Given that I haven't cooked or baked in awhile, I decided to join Club Baked to help motivate me to get back into the baking or cooking.

Donuts - I've never made donuts before. Actually, I don't regularly eat donuts. The last time I had donuts was about a week or two before my baby was born and that was because I was enticed by some friends to stand in line for an hour for blueberry donuts at this current "happening place" but I am digressing from the original post.

For this baking event, I made half of the recipe and decided to do vanilla glaze, cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar toppings. I did not have whole milk for the vanilla glaze so I used 2% lowfat milk. Tasted fine to me but glaze was a bit more runny.
I also did not have a thermometer on hand so I basically ballpoint the temperature of the oil for frying. After making this recipe, I am not sure I want to eat another donut again. :P There is a ton of oil used in frying donuts! Here are all the donuts fried and ready to be dipped.
TaDa! The finished product! Donuts!
And the donut holes!
Verdict: I had the husband tried them fresh and he thought they were pretty good. Cakey and moist which reminded me of the blueberry donuts I had two months ago. I just might attempt to make donuts again and use blueberries. They are definitely tastier fresh versus next day. I would also make smaller donuts or just make donut holes because those are the easiest to eat. I used a cup for the donuts and a shot glass to make the donut holes.


  1. Good job looks good, much better than mine lol

  2. Wow, waiting in line an hour for sound like my kind of pal. I like your blueberry idea and might try that myself next time!

  3. Were the blueberry donuts worth the hours wait? I don't eat donuts often, but would probably wait in line for some really exceptional ones. :)

    Your donuts look great! I felt the same way about the size...I like the donut hole size (I feel less guilty eating them for some reason...LOL).

    Congrats on you new baby boy! So glad you baked along. :)

  4. Congrats on the baby! I agree that the smaller donuts seemed to fair better. My donut holes definitely turned out better than my donuts. Glad to have you along for the group!

  5. Your doughnuts look great!!! I agree I liked the doughnut holes... but only on the first day, by the second day I loved the full doughnuts dipped in coffee!

  6. I made mini donuts, but they were probably as wide as they were thick, so a bit rolly polly. Yours look super cute, and I love your blueberry idea. Those are my favorite type of donut.

  7. Use a smaller pot and make them in batches next time -- less oil! They look great and thanks for baking along.