Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Blue Apron - Baked Cod Over Summer Squash & Quinoa

I recently subscribed to this catering program called Blue Apron.  They basically send to your doorsteps, pre-fixed uncooked meals.  All the ingredients are there (except maybe salt, pepper and oil) with instructions for you to prepare your meals. 

Yesterday was the first day we received the box.  It comes in a big box of about 16 lbs, wrapped pretty well with lots of ice packs.  This week's menu is fish, chicken and pork.  We figured it's best to cook the fish first for freshness.  The instructions are pretty thorough.  I would suggest reading through the instructions first as there are short-cuts that someone that is more seasoned can take.

The menu states the calorie count for this meal was about 615.  Not bad.  It is quite healthy.  The husband said he would eat it again.  As for me...I would over rice.  I prefer quinoa in my salads. 

Things I learn from this meal - making garlic butter!  YUM!!  So easy and so tasty.  Salt, pepper and olive oil is added to almost everything.  Prep time can be stream-line more.  We will see on the next meal prep.          

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